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Whois Privacy/ Whois Protection/ Domain Privacy/ Domain Protection is very important to owners of domain names, they don't like their home address to be shared just because they own a domain name. ICANN the organization in charge of overseeing domain names has a rule that forces the domain registrar to release this information to anyone that asks for it. Certainly that is not a good rule; just because a person asks for your home address doesn't mean your domain registrar should release it.

The main reason domain owners want to hide their contact information is because their email address listed on the whois record can be used to spam. The only way to prevent spam is to hide the email address on the whois record or to shield the address with a spam-proof proxy email service.

You now have the ability to change that... with Zones Web Solutions - Whois Privacy (
By selecting Whois Privacy your domain registration becomes a "private" unlisted registration though Zones Web Solutions -

Whois Privacy works by:

· Shielding your Private Information.
· Protects you from: Whois based SPAM, Identity Theft, Stalkers..
· Helps to Maintain your Privacy!
·'s Information is made public, not your..
· Offering you complete control of the domain name.

Whois Privacy does NOT work:

· With all TLD's offered. Please check for Availability with your domain.
· With Spammers, Criminals or questionable activity.
( has a zero tolerance policy with regards to these type of activates.)

You can Add Whois Privacy to your Domain Registration for FREE *

Now you have a choice. By adding's Whois Privacy to your Domain, your private contact information is not exposed.'s contact information is displayed to provide you with the highest level of protection against spammers and identity theft.

See the difference!  

NOTE: ICANN requires all domain holders to have valid Registrant Information on File. ICANN mandates that invalid or inaccurate contact information can be grounds for domain name cancellation. Whois Privacy does NOT work with .US, .DE, .EU, .NAME, .TW and .SG domain Ext.



* Free with domains registered thru us,
for domains registered thru other Registrars will cost $4.95/Year, $7.95 for 2 Years and $9.95 for 3 Years,,,,,,

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